Bill Drill

Range Distance: Typically 7 yards (21 feet)

Type of Target: An IPSC-style cardboard target with scoring zones

Start Position: Holstered

Exercise Rules: The Bill Drill is a classic and widely practiced exercise in IPSC and practical shooting. Its primary goal is to test and improve your draw speed and accuracy in engaging a single target quickly. Here are the exercise rules:

  1. Start from the holster with your firearm securely holstered.

  2. On the start signal, draw your firearm as quickly as possible.

  3. Fire six rounds into a single target, aiming for center mass.

  4. The goal is to achieve the fastest time possible while maintaining accuracy. Hits outside the designated target area or misses incur time penalties.

  5. The exercise is typically timed, and the total time taken to complete the drill is recorded.

Qualification Time: The Bill Drill is often used as a benchmark for measuring a shooter’s proficiency. While there isn’t a fixed qualification time, many competitive shooters aim to complete the Bill Drill in 2 seconds or less while maintaining accuracy within the scoring zones.

Credit Time Value: The credit time value for the Bill Drill varies depending on the specific course and level of competition. Generally, the faster you complete the drill with accurate shots, the better your credit time.

The Bill Drill is an excellent exercise for developing your draw speed and trigger control, making it a valuable training tool for IPSC and practical shooting enthusiasts.

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