El Presidente

Range Distance: Typically 10 to 15 meters (33 to 49 feet)

Type of Target: Three IPSC cardboard targets with scoring zones

Start Position: Facing uprange, arms relaxed at sides, firearm holstered, and loaded with a round in the chamber.

Exercise Rules:

The “El Presidente” is a classic IPSC exercise that tests a shooter’s speed, accuracy, and ability to engage multiple targets. Here are the exercise rules:

  1. Range Distance: Set up three IPSC cardboard targets with designated scoring zones at a distance of typically 10 to 15 meters (33 to 49 feet) from the shooter.
  2. Start Position: The shooter begins facing uprange with their arms relaxed at their sides. The firearm is holstered, loaded with a round in the chamber, and the safety is off (if applicable). The shooter’s back should be to the targets.
  3. Procedure: On the start signal, the shooter turns quickly, draws the firearm, and engages each of the three targets with two shots each. After the initial engagement, the shooter performs a mandatory reload (a reload is required even if there are rounds remaining in the magazine). The shooter then engages each target again with two more shots.
  4. Scoring: Hits in the scoring zones of the targets are scored accordingly. Hits outside the scoring zones result in penalties. The total time taken to complete the drill, including hits and penalties, is recorded.

Qualification Time: While there isn’t a fixed qualification time, many competitive shooters aim to complete the “El Presidente” in under 10 seconds with all hits within the scoring zones to be considered proficient.

The “El Presidente” is a challenging and popular exercise in IPSC that emphasizes speed, accuracy, and rapid target transitions, making it a valuable test of a shooter’s skills.

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